Camden Kids – London Durga Puja Kids Bonanza 2016


Durga Puja is the biggest festival for Bengali’s to celebrate,
These is an idol of Ma Durga slaying the demon to commemorate.
Triumph over evil and peace on earth,
Now lets read about Ma Durga’s birth.
Mahisasur, who was half bull and half demon went into meditation,
Lord Brahma gave him a boon so that no male could make him attain salvation.
He got conceited and thought he had lot of might,
No one in all three worlds could challenge him to a fight.
The Trinity with all their power created Goddess Durga to set just,
She was equipped with weapon and went to fight the demon king, a war robust.
He was killed and finally happiness prevailed,
The demons and their plans had been thoroughly failed.
So here’s wishing everyone a happy puja and lets all enjoy,
Its time to buy new clothes , eat good food and play with your special toy.

Written by :  Sarvang Biswas, 10 years

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