The dust removal equipment according

The dust removal equipment according to the set timing or constant pressure automatic leaning using compressed air cartridge, cartridge recovery regenerate the filter function.

2.  Unique sunken deflector, dust deposition in favor of more efficient use of equipment saving energy.

3.  The left and right sides of the air inlet is provided, according to installation conditions any

access, air inlet and outlet are installed companion flange, easy installation.

4.  Let the bottom ash collection tank, using pneumatic control, easy ash.

5  The use of differential pressure gauge real-time display cartridge resistance value accurately

reflects the amount of fouling cartridge dust can be used as an important basis for filter replacement.

6.  The cartridge can be removed through the front access door and install, convenient, appearance  and internal structure are designed to make anti-dust no dead ends, easy to clean.

7.  Configurations cleaning pulse cleaning nozzle diversion, improve cleaning gas more than 20%.

8.  [Local-]button remote control can be linked to other devices.

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