Making of Devi

“Making of a Devi” is the story of the potters who has devoted their life in the making of the Hindu goddess – Durga. They are the artisans who sculpt divinity into the clay dug out from mother earth. The journey ends every year when the goddess is immersed in the holy river. In between lies the emotional journey of millions, and one frenzied festival called the “Durga Puja”, fondly embraced by all Bengalis, across the globe.

This album has been donated by award winning photographer Apratim Saha.

After a headstart in photography at a young age, he made is hobby into a serious passion. Today, with over 30 years of experience, from traditional film to digital photography, he is a contributing photographer of National Geographic stock photography, Getty Images and Stocksy United, and a brand ambassador of Data Colour, Apratim Saha has been featured as the ‘People photographer’ in a recent interview with Asian Photography magazine.

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